Five Things To Evaluate Before Hiring A Brand Or Web Designer

Choosing A Designer For Your Next Creative Project

As a business owner, choosing the right specialist for a project takes time and thoughtful consideration. As creatives, our biggest advice to clients who are vetting designers for their next brand or website project is to evaluate 5 things: design portfolio, client testimonials, studio process, investment details, and personal dynamic.

With that, before you hire a designer for your next big project, make sure you have answers to the following questions.


Does the designer have work samples?
Do those work samples reflect the design style you’re looking for?
Has the designer done similar projects in the past, or worked with clients in similar industries in the past?


Are there reviews for this designer available online and are they positive?
If there aren’t reviews online, do they have testimonials they can provide you from past clients?
Does the designer have references they can provide you from past clients?


Did the designer provide a clear overview of their process?
Did the designer appear to have systems in place that will keep the project streamlined?
Do you feel confident you know what to expect over the course of the project?
Can the designer start and complete the project in a timeline that makes sense for you and your business?
Is the designer the one actually executing the project, or are they delegating the work elsewhere?


Are the designer’s rates in line with the value you think this project would bring your business?
Does the designer offer payment plans and methods that would be beneficial to your business?


Did the designer make you feel comfortable during the sales process?
Did the designer make an attempt to get to know you and your business before sharing deliverable and pricing details?
Do you feel like the designer is interested in taking on your project?
Does the designer seem invested in doing what’s best for your business?

Having answers to these questions will help ensure you have done your due diligence and can go into your creative partnership with confidence!

If you’re interested in learning more about if Studio Kellams could be a good fit for your next creative project, start a conversation by submitting an inquiry form today.

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