Five Tips to Overcome Creative Block or Procrastination

Regardless of what field or industry you work in, there are days when we feel as though our brains aren’t firing on all cylinders, or when we find it difficult to focus on a specific task. As a creative business owner, this can manifest in creative block, which can ultimately lead to frustration and procrastination as a result. It happens to everybody, and is unfortunately just par for the course in the working world. However, there are methods we can use to combat this. Here are five tips that may be helpful to reset and get your mind right for that project you’ve been putting off!

1. Change up your environment.

If one environment isn’t bolstering your productivity, try switching it up. If you have the flexibility and don’t have concerns with outside distractions, try setting up a temporary workstation in a local coffee shop or coworking space. If you work from home or in an office, try working in a different area or book a conference room to see if shifting perspective helps.

2. Look for new sources of inspiration.

In creative jobs, and surely in other work capacities, when we get trapped in our own heads it can help to look outward for inspiration. Some ideas are listening to a podcast relevant to your project or industry, watching a motivational speech, surfing through Pinterest for ideas, or chatting with a mentor, but there are certainly no limits on where you can find this. Inspiration can be found in anything if you’re looking for it!

3. Knock out monotonous tasks.

If you’ve tried but are still really struggling with a particular task, particularly if it is getting compounded by the stress of having items on your to-do list, try knocking out your easier-to-do tasks first. Generally, we recommend starting with the bigger, higher-priority projects then moving on to the smaller ones, but in this instance switching it up can offer two benefits. First, it allows you to still make the most of your time by getting simpler tasks on your list done and reserving the time you are in a better headspace for more challenging projects. Second, it can get you in a working rhythm which may help when you revisit that tough project later in the day.

4. Take notes.

As you are trying these different steps, and generally in life, try adding ideas as they come to you in a journal or in a note-taking app on your phone. It can be difficult to predict when inspiration can strike (Anyone ever woken up in the middle of the night with this? We certainly have!), so take advantage of the times it does by tracking ideas and reminders as they pass through your mind.

5. Take a step away.

Lastly, remember to give yourself a breather. Not all days are the same – some we are full of energy and motivation, while others we feel drained and discouraged. Give yourself grace, and understand it’s ok to step away, or to try again tomorrow!

Whatever the task or circumstances, we hope you find these tips to be helpful productivity boosters!

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